Just over two years ago I announced our first SimCity Challenge, and I know a few people are still playing that challenge every now and then. With the launch of SimCity Societies coming I thought maybe I would add a prize of a free copy of SimCity Societies (assuming it is not more than $50) to the member who gets the highest region wide population. While I know that SimCity Societies will be released near the end of this year, I don't know what the date of release will be. Ideally we would set the deadline for qualifying for this contest to be a week or two before the release of SimCity Societies so that I could buy it upon release and mail it to the winner as soon as possible.

What do you guys/girls think of this idea? Has anyone seen a release date announcement for SimCity Societies?

Again although the challenge itself lists some different objectives, this contest would be based purely on total regional population with no regard to how old cities are. The following rules would still stand:

1) No new land masses can be created via the "God Mode"
2) No new cities can be created.
3) Cheat codes may NOT be used.
4) You must start your cities from the base files in the zipped region files attached in the First SimCity Challenge thread.

Although I wouldn't be eligible to win the free game (giving it to myself would be kind of stupid since I'd be the one buying it), I will post my population for comparison sake (which is now approaching 2 million).