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    Unhappy Tunnels

    how do you create tunnels in SC3K

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    Creating tunnels is much like telling the "engineers" to build bridges over water.

    At first you have to make sure that the raised terrain is steep enough to be considered a large hill or mountain, and then you need to check to see if the opposite side of the mountian you will be directing your traffic to has the smooth kind of terrain necessary for the construction of roads.

    Once those two criteria are met then all you need to do is drag the roadway blueprint up and over the mountian until its color changes from red back to blue.

    The "engineers" will then tell you how much the project will cost and whether you agree to greenlight the construction.

    If there are any dangers which may cause structural damage then those "engineers" will tell you so and thus the project will be canceled, with no cost to you.

    Good luck.

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