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    Crashing, when during loading screen.

    RAWR:mad: I install the game, then when ever i try to load, or start a new game, the game crashes during loading screen, back to deskttop, like it wasn't even trying, I'm pretty tick off right about now. Why does it craashi during the damn loadin screen. Rawr. Rawr. Rawr. Damn i want to build my damn city thats all i want, whats with maxis games being so fragile. I mean every sim city game ****s up when install it wtf is with this.

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    does your computer pass the requirements

    SimCity 3000: CPU Pentium 166Mhz or K6, 200MB hard disk space

    SimCity 3000 Unlimited: CPU Pentium 233Mhz or K6, 32MB RAM, 2MB DirectX 7.0a-compatible video card, 450MB hard disk space

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    i have the same problem

    i started out with the "no UV.dll" problem but finally got over it when i uninstalled it, restarted then reinstalled.

    now i just get this silly thing where it crashes every time i try to load it up.
    I have a 2GHz AMD processor, 512Mb Ram and a 64meg GeForce card...

    it runs CoD 2 with ease, yet for some reason the Uk edition of sim city 3000 doesnt work.

    The original sc3k works fine aswell...

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    Maybe it is a virus, or something else. I am no computer genius, so I cant help you much.

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