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Thread: Cheats!!!

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    I have not had issues about this when I used to play for a whole year...The last year.....Because of my pc hard disk I deleted SimCity 3000...but I installed it again a few days ago.....I've tried a lot to open the cheat panel pushing CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+C but nothing happens!! How could I do, please?? HELP!!

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    download a trainer

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    Did you try ctrl + x? (or is that the sims 2?) OR maybe its just Shift + ctrl + c
    Sim City 4 rox my sox!

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    ctrl+x is used on Simcity 4, but for simcity 3000 you have to push ctrl shift alt and c!!! But it does not work...

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    sim city 3000 has cheats i didn't know that

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