How do I trade in SimCity?

In order to trade in specific goods, you’ll need the appropriate storage lots. Only the ones for raw materials (raw ore, coal, and crude oil) are available right away. Simply edit your trade depot, add the appropriate storage lots as modules, and you’re set.

How do you buy things from other players in SimCity BuildIt?

You can start selling items via the market once your population reaches 8000, and you can start buying items when your population reaches 10000. You can advertise the items to sell them to other players. If no one buys your product, they are automatically sold at the prices listed to NPC after 24 hours.

How does the trade depot work in SimCity?

Trade Depot Building. The Trade Depot is where you can sell items to other players for Simoleons. It is unlocked when reaching 8,000 population.

How do I trade the mayors Club in SimCity BuildIt?

You go in chat and type what you are selling. Put the items on sale without advertising on GTHQ. Hopefully one of your members will read and purchase them.

How do I sell items on SimCity?

To add another sale, tap another cardboard box in your Trade Depot. Follow the same steps to choose what you will sell and for how much. The “Advertise!” button might not be available so soon after your first sale was created, but free advertising will be available again very soon, as indicated by the timer.

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How do I change my age in SimCity?

Sadly, from what I know, you cannot change the age once it’s done. If you only just started your city, then you can just delete it and start a new one. If you’re really far into the game I wouldn’t delete it all if I were you. You need to put in your age to meet the right age in the country you’re from.

What is the cargo ship dock in Simcity?

The Cargo Ship dock is one of the earliest ways to earn golden keys. It is unlocked when reaching 10,000 population. After reaching that population you can chose to build it for 10,000 Simoleons. After building it you have to wait a few days for it to build.

What is freight Simcity?

If you add a trade depot then industrial buildings can ship excess goods (“freight”) to the trade depot.

How do you start a club in SimCity BuildIt?

Once you reach Level 18, you can create your own Mayor’s Club or join a pre-existing Club. Find the Mayor’s Club House just off your city’s coast, near the Contest of Mayors Island.

What is JP in SimCity?

JP aka JACK Jackpot booster.