How do you get Plumbob points in SimCity?

Plumbob Points: You collect Plumbob Points as you complete Assignments. Tap the Leaderboards to check your current Position and the rewards you can redeem. Golden Tickets: Your reward for rising to a new rank. Use them to buy more Assignments.

How do I get more Plumbob points?

You can gain plumbob points by completing tasks. These tasks can vary from 540-3,600 plumbob points with varying levels of difficulty. Each contest lasts for 5 days with a 2 day break. After the 5 days you will be rewarded depending on what place you finished.

What are Plumbob points in SimCity?

They’re the points earned in the contest of mayors. Mines did disappear at one point too but came back as i earned more.

How do you get a Plumbob?

You earn Plumbob Points for completing Assignments. When the contest ends, your Plumbob Points total determines your League and rewards.

How do you get rich fast on SimCity?

How to earn money in sim city build it

  1. The simplest way to get money is to upgrade residential zones.
  2. Another easy one is to sell things to other cities.
  3. You can also watch videos…
  4. …And then sell or use what you get.
  5. Once you unlock the trade depot, you can sell things there.
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What are club wars in SimCity?

Club Wars is a feature of SimCity BuildIt. The President, Vice President or Senior Members of the club may start a war and members may trigger attacks on rival cities to earn war points. Wars are divided into two phases. Preparation phase allows club members to stock up war attacks and discuss strategies.

What are epic buildings in SimCity BuildIt?

Epic Buildings hold more citizens and produce parts that can be used to speed up crafting in your city. You can only work on one Epic Project at a time. After you complete that Epic Project, there is a cooldown before you can start another.

How do I get a premium pass in SimCity?

There are two Mayor’s Pass options to choose from: Free and Premium (Premium Pass has the greater rewards). Start playing any time during a Season by selecting Contest of Mayors and collecting Plumbob Points. You can access Mayor’s Pass by tapping the new Heads Up Display (HUD) icon or going through the Contest HQ.

How do you enter cheats in SimCity BuildIt?

To use a code, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C to open the cheat entry box.

Are there cheat codes for SimCity mobile?

Well, I have good news for that crowd: the cheat codes do work — at least some of them. … Following the launch of SimCity in the App Store, people again asked about the use of cheat codes.