How many epic buildings can you have in Simcity Buildit?

56) there are 84 possible Epic Buildings available spread across the seven specializations that support Epics (12 in each).

How many epic Buildings are there in Simcity Buildit?

Basics. Epic Projects are a special 24 hour project to convert a regular fully upgraded residential zone into an Epic Building. Epic Buildings hold 31% more population (2,411 instead of 1,836) and generate Speed-Up Token parts. There are 89 Epic Buildings with 5 of them being Regional Epic Buildings.

How do I complete epic projects in Simcity?

Complete Epic Tasks Projects

  1. Tap Show Tasks.
  2. Tap the Epic task bubbles with the star token icon to begin helping your community and earn Project Points.

How many epic points do you need for silver?

80 epic points yields a fraction of a silver token; 160 epic points yields a fraction of a gold token. Epic points are points that are earned by completing the epic tasks that pop up when you are completing an epic project.

Can you hack SimCity Buildit?

SimCity Buildit is EA game, every EA game and also all the Gameloft’s game are unhackable using Lucky patcher. In such games you can’t hack for In-apps but you can download a private server apk and have all the funs.

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How do I get rid of epic projects in Simcity?

There is no way to cancel it. Once you start it, it will go to completion or 24 hours, whichever is sooner….

How do you get nails faster in Simcity Buildit?

With the building supply store just give them time and they will produce and hold on to them so that you can take them in a group. Use those while the building makes more it is only three or 4 minutes to make nails.

What are hot spots in Simcity Buildit?

Hot Spots are upgradeable specialization buildings that are built using Regional currency. Each Region has its own set of Hot Spots that fit the Region theme, but all Hot Spots can be built in any Region or Capital City. Hot Spots are available when you reach a population of 1,000 in any of your Regions.

How do epic projects work in Simcity Buildit?

Once time is up, tap Upgrade to create your Epic Building. Epic Buildings hold more citizens and produce parts that can be used to speed up crafting in your city. You can only work on one Epic Project at a time. After you complete that Epic Project, there is a cooldown before you can start another.

What do you do with points in epic?

Spend Your Points On Epic Rewards

For every 250 Epic points you can get $5 Epic Gift Card. For every 500 Epic points you can get $10 Epic Gift Card. For every 800 Epic points you can get $20 Epic Gift Card. For every 1000 Epic points you can get $30 Epic Gift Card.

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