How much does it cost to build the NeoMall in Simcity?

NeoMall is free once you reach L30. You are given 5000 Neos to spend in the mall, if you so desire, but don’t – they are needed for certain Omega infrastructure.

Where can I find NeoMall in Simcity?

To unlock Future Cities, you must have completed the in-game tutorial and reached Level 30. Tap on the NeoMall site between your Vu Tower and mountain area. If you meet the unlock requirements, the Future Cities Advisor will appear to help you bring your city to the future.

How do I build Omega Research Center?

You need two buildings to produce OMEGA items: the OMEGA Lab and the OMEGA Research Center. Drag the Simoleons icon to the OMEGA Lab to start processing. Pay the fee to craft OMEGA materials. Tap to collect the OMEGA materials when they’re ready.

How do you get NeoSimoleons?

NeoSimoleons is the currency releated to OMEGA. You do not start with any however after hitting level 30 and unlocking the Neomall you will be gifted 5,000. They can be acquired by collecting the NeoSimoleon revenue from OMEGA zones, Mayor’s Pass, selling items to OMEGA advisors, and purchasing them for Simcash.

How do you get Omega Labs in SimCity?

The OMEGA Lab is unlocked at level 30 and is used to produce OMEGA Material. It is required to unlock the OMEGA Storage. You can build up to 10 OMEGA Labs.

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What is NeoSimoleons?

NeoSimoleons is a currency for the OMEGA content in SimCity BuildIt. After you reach level 30 and unlock the NeoMall, you get rewarded with 5,000 NeoSimoleons as a kickstart. Some CoT content does not require NeoSmoleons weirdly. To store NeoSimoleons, you need a NeoBank. The NeoSimoleon indicator.

Do Omega buildings need police?

OMEGA Zones are the highest population Residential Building with a max population of 2,550. It service demand is high. They are unlocked at level 30 and each upgrade requires OMEGA items plus other items. When placed they do not require Fire, Police, and Health but do require ControlNet and Drone services.

Can you sell Omega items Simcity?

Can I sell my OMEGA items? You can only sell OMEGA items to neighboring mayors. You can’t sell them in the Trade Depot or the NeoMall. … Your Future Cities Advisor will tell you what your fellow mayor wants to buy.

How do I sell Omega storage in Simcity?

Just tap on the bubbles with Omega items on top of your Omega Services buildings and your Future Cities advisor will tell you what your fellow mayor wants to buy. Tap I’ll do it! to accept or No thanks! to reject the sale.