Quick Answer: How does the trade depot work in SimCity?

Placing the Depot near the resource origin (i.e., mine, well, manufacturing plant) allows material to be moved quickly for sale, while placing it near the city entry point shortens the global truck route thus increasing global market sale frequency.

How do I sell items on trade depot SimCity?

How can I sell my items? Once you hit the minimum population target to make your Trade Depot available, you’ll find it on the highway just outside your city limits. Tap it to start selling. Items you put up for sale here will appear to other Mayors in the Global Trade HQ, if you remember to advertise them!

How do you get trade depot in SimCity BuildIt?

The Trade Depot is where you can sell items to other players for Simoleons. It is unlocked when reaching 8,000 population. You Start with 6 slots that you can sell items in and can add a max of 26 more slots for a max of 32.

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How do I trade items in SimCity?

How to trade in SimCity BuildIt

  1. Find a SimCity BuildIt group on facebook.
  2. Make a post stating what you’re looking for (or selling) and the ratio of what you’re offering . …
  3. When you’re a buyer, if you like what someone’s offering, leave a comment stating “Deal” and then send them a private message.

How do I sell oil in SimCity?

Select the crude oil from the tabs across the top if it isn’t already, then click the “Export” button. Your trade depot will sell any excess crude oil every 60 minutes, and the money will automatically accumulate in the treasury.

How do I complete rows in export HQ?

In each of your regions (except the Capital City) you should have a new building next to your Trade Depot. This is your Export HQ. If you click on new shipment and fill in the row of boxes you get simoleons for that region. Fill in all 3 rows and you complete the entire shipment and your Contest of Mayors task.

What is export HQ in SimCity Buildit?

The Export HQ is exclusive to regions and there is 1 per region. They are the most efficient way to earn regional Simoleons. The Export HQ is unlocked when the population in that region reaches 500. The Export HQ opens and closes every 1-4 days. It is open for 24 hours before closing again.

How do I change my age in SimCity Buildit?

Sadly, from what I know, you cannot change the age once it’s done. If you only just started your city, then you can just delete it and start a new one. If you’re really far into the game I wouldn’t delete it all if I were you. You need to put in your age to meet the right age in the country you’re from.

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How do I trade the mayors Club in SimCity Buildit?

You go in chat and type what you are selling. Put the items on sale without advertising on GTHQ. Hopefully one of your members will read and purchase them.

How do you buy things from other players in SimCity Buildit?

You can start selling items via the market once your population reaches 8000, and you can start buying items when your population reaches 10000. You can advertise the items to sell them to other players. If no one buys your product, they are automatically sold at the prices listed to NPC after 24 hours.

What is the SIM opinion bubble in SimCity?

You can get those by tapping on the blue thought bubbles that you’ll see pop up from time to time from various residential buildings. The frequency of these bubbles increases when the Sims are satisfied, which is yet another good reason to keep your happiness level up.

What do you do with plastic in SimCity?

Plop a trade depot and build storage facilities for the alloy, metal and plastic. You can make some extra simoleans by setting the depots to export to the global market. Turn off any sharing of your recycling trucks with the region until you catch up. Happy building!

How do you get alloys in SimCity?

Smelt raw ore into metal or add coal into the mix to smelt alloy. Sell metal or alloy to local industry or on the global market via the trade depot. The smelting factory turns raw ore into either finished metal, alloys, or both, depending on which modules you add. Without any modules, it will produce finished metal.

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What is freight SimCity?

If you add a trade depot then industrial buildings can ship excess goods (“freight”) to the trade depot.