Where is City storage in SimCity Buildit?

For information about your City Storage, find the blue City Storage icon at the top of your screen. The two numbers beside the icon (e.g. 20/40) represent the number of items you have in City Storage versus the maximum number of items the Storage holds. Tap the icon to see inside your City Storage inventory.

Where is the storage in SimCity?

Go to the Parks Specialization menu. Next to the Small Fountain Park will be a Storage icon that shows how many of that park you have in Storage. Tap and drag the Small Fountain Park to place it in your city.

What is Max city storage SimCity Buildit?

By default, a mayor starts out with 30 capacity and building the city storage increases the capacity to 40. Mayors can use Storage Cameras, Storage Locks, and Storage Bars to increase the capacity by intervals of 5, to a maximum storage capacity of 600. maximum.

How do you delete storage on SimCity?

Unfortunately there is currently no way to take back something you’ve put up for sale. Your only options are 1) pay 1 sim cash to delete an item, in which case you lose it and get no money back, or 2) have a friend buy it from you, and then you can buy it back.

How do I fill my city storage in SimCity?

From your City Storage, tap the green “Increase Capacity” button to see which storage-themed Special Items are required to increase maximum storage. Accumulate the necessary Items, tap to confirm, and your City Storage will immediately increase!

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What is hotspot in SimCity Buildit?

Hot Spots are upgradeable specialization buildings that are built using Regional currency. Each Region has its own set of Hot Spots that fit the Region theme, but all Hot Spots can be built in any Region or Capital City. Hot Spots are available when you reach a population of 1,000 in any of your Regions.