Which region is best in Simcity?

Which is the best region in SimCity?

Gaugin Valley ; The profitable metal city locate in a valley at the top of a plateau. City budget and low taxes. The city values it’s citizens and shows its appreciation through low taxes and providing a high quality of life.

How do you unlock regions in SimCity?

Below are the criteria required to unlock each new Region:

  1. Region 1: Capital City Level 25.
  2. Region 2: Total Regional Population of 15,000.
  3. Region 3: Total Regional Population of 250,000.
  4. Region 4: Total Regional Population of 1,000,000.
  5. Region 5: Total Regional Population of 10,000,000.

How do you earn regional currency?

Regional Currencies are earned by completing certain actions in the corresponding Region. You can earn Regional Currencies by: Upgrading Regional Residential Zones in the Region. Selling Regional Items to Regional (non-player character) buyers.

What can you do with regional simoleons?

Regional Simoleons are used to build small regional trees, build and upgrade regional Hot Spots, and build regional service buildings.

What are epic buildings in SimCity BuildIt?

Epic Buildings hold more citizens and produce parts that can be used to speed up crafting in your city. You can only work on one Epic Project at a time. After you complete that Epic Project, there is a cooldown before you can start another.

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Is there a cheat for SimCity BuildIt?

During the game, hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X to bring up the Cheat Entry Box.

What is the highest level in SimCity BuildIt?

Level 100 will take about another 34 years – or a cheat – to achieve as it’s set at 84,803,000 experience points. So, playing fair then 99 is effectively the highest level.

What is a green valley zone?

Green Valley zones are Green Valley’s residential zones. They are unlocked when opening Green Valley. Although they are Green Valley’s residential zone you can chose not to place them in Green Valley. … Just like all other regional residential zones they have a max population of 2347 and have a medium service demand.

How do you get Neomall money?

NeoSimoleons is the currency releated to OMEGA. You do not start with any however after hitting level 30 and unlocking the Neomall you will be gifted 5,000. They can be acquired by collecting the NeoSimoleon revenue from OMEGA zones, Mayor’s Pass, selling items to OMEGA advisors, and purchasing them for Simcash.

How do you get fin simoleons in Simcity?

You can earn Simoleons by :

  1. Upgrading buildings.
  2. Collecting taxes from your City Hall.
  3. Selling items in the Global Market.
  4. Selling items to computer residents of your city (but be careful – sometimes they give more, and others they give less than the Global Market.)

How do you spend War simoleons?

War Simoleons are a currency used exclusively for Club Wars. It can be acquired by Club Wars, Mayor’s Pass, Event tracks and can be purchased for Simcash. War Simoleons can be used to purchase War Items and boosters from the War Store.

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