Your question: How do I build a good city in SimCity 4?

How do I make my Sim City successful?

Three tips for building a successful SimCity

  1. Don;t start off building a perfect city grid. …
  2. Find a neighboring city to cooperate with. …
  3. Specialize in tourism with a large stadium.

How do you get high wealth city in SimCity 4?

The only way to attract high wealth residents is by building their park type close by. Click the Parks tab, click the Plaza ($$$) or Formal ($$$) tab, click the Land Value Map and then start placing high wealth parks and you will see the dark green start appearing on the map.

How do you reduce crime in SimCity 4?

Crime in SimCity is when a citizen harms the city through a misdemeanor or felony. Police stations lower the chance of this. Schools also help reduce crime by raising the EQ of the population; smarter and wealthier sims are less likely to commit felonies.

How do I level up tech in SimCity?

In my experience so far, the most important factor in increasing industrial tech is placing a community college or university in your city. You can also accelerate the process of converting your industries to high tech by placing this near your industry.

How do I install maps on SimCity 4?

How to Install SimCity 4 Regions

  1. Download the region and extract the ZIP file if necessary. …
  2. Locate the My Documents/SimCity/Regions folder on your computer and copy the unzipped region files you downloaded into the folder. …
  3. Launch SimCity 4 and start your game.
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How do regions work in SimCity 4?

The player now has full control of the region in SimCity 4. Rather than focusing on a single city with neighboring towns, regions in SimCity 4 focus on the entire region at once, with players being able to switch cities at will.