You asked: How do you export fish in Tropico 4?

How do I export pineapples in Tropico 4?

To export pineapple create a cannery next to the pineapple farms as well as build a teamstars office next to the cannery. The question is to export pineapple instead of canned pineapple.

How do you stop a export in Tropico 6?

Yes it is in the trade screens. The tab that looks like a box lets you uncheck goods you do not want exported.

How do you send gold to Pirate Cove?

After completing that optional quest, you get another one from Wyndham, this time asking you to build a Lumber Mill and export 4950 Planks. Shortly after you accept the Planks quest, Pirate Penultimo will give you the task of delivering 100 gold to the Pirate Cove.

Why are buildings not producing Tropico 5?

Not Producing/Some Production Cycles Not Functioning

Causes: Not enough resources going into that building, low effectiveness. Solutions: Start importing or making the resources for that certain building. … FYI: A building will still make goods if some production cycles are not functioning.

How do I make revolutionaries happy in Tropico 6?

The best way to get more revolutionaries is to accept the tasks from the leader of the revolution and do whatever she says. Once you’ve completed each one, you’ll be offered three reward options: money, blueprints, or revolutionary immigrants.

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How do you increase health care happiness in Tropico 6?

the best method would be to build clinics and hospitals in the cold war. Just construct them next to the residential building to increase healthcare and also increase happiness. Housing – not having proper housing can also create distress among the citizen.